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True Facts about the Smartest Dog Breeds We Know

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Let's be honest: how do you begin to measure a dog’s IQ?

Is it about coaching them quickly so that they can perform amazing jumps - or is it having them able to distinguish the difference between their toys and your child’s belongings?

You can say there is more than one way to define if your pet falls into the category of "dim-witted."

As it turns out, some dogs are particularly adept at ‚Äúreading‚ÄĚ human emotions, and others are great at solving puzzles. Some breeds are known for their obedience skills, while others for their stellar ability to take commands.

In fact, the smartest dog breeds IQ can be measured on their working and obedience, instinctual and adaptive intelligence to the environment. 

Below we round off some smartest dog breeds with many facets:

The Aristocratic - Poodle

When it comes to being diligent, obedient, cracking puzzles, and possessing problem-solving skills, which other breeds can match up to your poodle? Do not judge this dog by its appearance as all poodles have high brainpower. You can train your poodle in record time as they quickly learn to respond to new commands.

The Confident - German Shepherd

It is rare to come across such an energetic, eager to assist, and protective canine that is also intellectual. Keeping your German Shepherd mentally stimulated brings out their true potential. With an ability to think straight in critical situations equips them to contribute in exercises involving the police and armed forces actively.

The Guarded - Rottweiler

There is no denying that your Rottweiler gives you the confidence to take on even your worst enemy. These species use their inherent judgmental skills to develop a strong bond with those they trust and attack those they perceive a threat. As an owner, you can rely on your Rottweiler to function intelligently.

The Endearing - Golden Retriever

Boasting of an innate sense of service, trust your Golden Retriever to excel in search and rescue missions. Their intelligent eyes are a significant indicator of their eagerness to learn and deliver as needed. When you start to train your pet Retriever, you will see the ease with which he or she grasps your instructions.

The Bright - Border Collie

You are blessed to have an agile collie who, with its ability to navigate difficult terrain and comprehend complex commands, will always be your prized asset. You may have already noticed their eagerness to learn new things and occupy their time when left alone. Trust your intelligent collie to perform every task using their alert mind.

The Curious - Papillon

Your cute Papillon, despite its dainty build, stays alert. You can train them to learn and perform tricks effortlessly. With your slightest command, the sheer brilliance of your favorite lapdog comes to the fore. As you know, your Pap is not the type to sit still with their minds continually working to explore a new adventure.

The Swift - Jack Russell Terrier

Finding it challenging to train your energetic Jack Russell? Once you master the art of gaining their attention, you will be pleased no end. Any stretch of the imagination cannot fool this fearless breed. Enter your faithful terrier in a dog sports competition, and it will undoubtedly excel.

The Graceful - Shetland Sheepdog

Shelties obey commands and work when needed to keep intruders at bay. As you may have noticed, these affectionate creatures are compassionate and train well. Your smart Sheltie is bound to be a keen observer who responds to even your slightest signal. You know where to turn when you yearn for some genuine love.

The Sleek - Doberman Pinscher

Ensure you sufficiently stimulate your Dobbies intellect to prevent him from getting destructive. Keeping them mentally active channelizes their energies in the right direction. Fiercely protective by nature, your Doberman will guard you like no other. It is no wonder law enforcement agencies commonly recruit this breed.

The Tough - Australian Cattle Dog

This courageous pet is so focused, driven, and lives to work. The Australian Cattle Dog has the inherent ability to sense when something is not right. Keep challenging your loyal companion with constant training as they are eager students provided you reward them well. Never make the mistake of underestimating their intellect and smart instincts.

There are several ways by which you can keep your pet pooch’s intellect stimulated:

  • Devote a few hours daily to keep them productively engaged through walking, cycling, or playing with them
  • Reward them for a job well done
  • Keep them motivated during their training process or an exercise regime
  • Sign them up for dog competitions which include all kinds of sporty activities
  • Play games with your dog which test their memory, problem-solving skills, or ability to identify objects

Dedicate your time and effort in caring for your intelligent breed to channel their energy to the fullest potential.

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